You can create the right kind of inner chemistry not only to be healthy but to be peaceful and joyful by your own nature. ~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Founder Isha Yoga

Nourish Yoga

The ancient techniques of Yoga empower us with tools for vibrant health. Physical exercises (asana) create ease in the body. Breathwork techniques (pranayama) give us greater control over the nervous system and teach us to manage and enhance our energy. Meditation leads us to that place where we can witness the patterned activity of our mind, and eventually allow the spinning thoughts become quiet. We experience evenness of emotion, and clarity of perception.


Lower Your
Blood Pressure

Unlike cardio or a weightlifting workout,  certain types of yoga help slow down your heart rate, therefore lowering your blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease and hypertension in the future.

Improve Your
Mental Health

A variety of movements in yoga stimulate pressure receptors in your skin and activate your vagal activity, which lowers your cortisol levels and triggers release of serotonin into your brain.

Alleviate Back &
Neck Pain

When you strengthen your core by regularly holding yoga poses, each pose reinforces the muscles around your spine. Being the center of your body, a strong spine improves posture and eliminates pain.

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Increase Your Energy & Focus

Yoga and meditation are considered one of the oldest and most efficient ways to enhance memory, improve coordination and better one’s focus. The soothing breathing techniques help ward off unnecessary thoughts and be in the moment.

Give Your Joints
a Rest

We rarely take our joints through their full range of motion in our daily lives. Each time you do yoga, your joints and, most importantly the cartilage between them, get a good workout which with regular practice may help prevent arthritis.

Kick Insomnia out
of Your Bed

Yoga relaxes the mind and makes your spine supple while simultaneously improving the blood circulation in your body. All this in combination with the lowered blood pressure and hormone stabilization lets you sleep soundly night after night.